Bitcoin Equaliser was founded back in 2012, which makes the provider one of the most experienced companies on this young market. In addition, the platform has a large user base, which is a strong indicator for professional work. A look at the homepage reveals that the Hong Kong-based provider works in an enormously transparent manner.

Numerous important employees are mentioned by name and photo, and all fees are clearly listed. Another important aspect is that only about 0.5 percent of the provider’s crypto assets can be found in a hot wallet for „daily use“. The majority is stored in a cold wallet and is completely safe from access by hackers or the like.

The platform also uses the classic two-factor authentication, so that access to one’s trading account is only possible through an additional confirmation key. According to our experience, traders can only trade with the provider if they have verified themselves and submitted a copy of their ID card or other official documents for this purpose. Here are several good arguments that Bitcoin Equaliser fraud can be completely excluded. It is a safe and trustworthy bookmaker.

Overview of the offer

Bitcoin Equaliser provides its users with more than 20 coins that can be traded. Of course, the focus is mainly on the big coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum, but at the same time, there are also some really exotic coins like Iota, Aventus or Qash in the portfolio. Trading with the provider is possible without an additional download, while working with an enormously reliable trading platform.

Even though the platform’s website is currently not available in German, getting started with trading can be described as relatively hassle-free. Bitcoin Equaliser, for example, provides a demo directly on the website, which allows an insight into the offer before opening an account. As already mentioned, a total of 22 coins are available that can be traded by users. The most popular coins are Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. In addition, Monero, Dash, Ripple, Qash, Neo, ETP, Qtum, Iota, Aventus, EOS or Eidoo are also available.

Particularly interesting here is the possible leverage of up to 3.3, with which significantly higher returns can be achieved. However, leverage always entails a certain risk, of course. For trading, the provider also provides various order types. In addition to limit, market and stop orders, these also include, for example, fill or kill orders, one cancels other, post only or hidden orders. A word about the platform: According to our Bitcoin Equaliser experience, it works reliably at all times and can be personalized via various settings. Notifications and alerts are also available, which makes trading even more effective and clear.